Many municipalities, homeowners associations, lake associations, and developers are now considering “centralized management of decentralized onsite systems”. USEPA is reporting this approach as the sustainable equivalent of centralized wastewater systems.

NoMound can be considered as part of an overall community-wide wastewater master planning effort. Also, for specific areas within a community, NoMound can be considered as a solution for failing systems or for older systems installed under outdated codes.

Many communities are concerned about the capital costs, ongoing O&M costs, and unintended consequences of sewering existing residential and commercial areas. They are also concerned about the impacts of a decentralized approach that could lead to mounded drainfields throughout the community. For many, the NoMound onsite system can mitigate these concerns.

The patented NoMound onsite system is only available through a network of engineers and installers trained by NoMound; and only in certain states. The system is not currently available throughout United States. For information on the NoMound Onsite System and its application in community-wide programs, telephone 1-888-4-NOMOUND (1-888-466-6686).