Frequently Asked Questions

How does NoMound® eliminate the mound?

In sand mound systems, the drainfield has to be built up in order to create the required separation between effluent and groundwater. The NoMound® technology works below grade to "push" down the water table to create the required separation. As a result, the mound can be eliminated or minimized.

How do you know the system is working?

The system includes a two-inch diameter monitoring wll that responds to the groundwater level inside the NoMound® enclosure. Inside the wellpoint is an alarm that goes off if the water level ever rises too high. This alerts the owner of potential problems which can then be corrected.

What sites are appropriate for NoMound®?

Locations with shallow groundwater tables can benefit from Nomound's® below-grade technology. Also, locations with unsuitable soil above suitable but saturated soil are good candidates for NoMound® systems.

While technically possible, the system is not as suitable where very thick zones of dense clay or bedrock cause the limiting factors.

How can I install the system?

NoMound® has been specifically approved in various states as described in this website. In some other states with “performance-based” regulations, NoMound® may be approvable as an “equivalent”. If you have any question about whether a specific site can benefit from NoMound® technology, call 1-888-4-NOMOUND (1-888-466-6686) or email us through this website.