NoMound in North Carolina

  • Technical details for local Health Dept. and other professionals

NC code prohibits the installation of onsite drainfields at locations with shallow groundwater levels and/or unsuitable soils. However, site modifications which will lower the water table so that drainfields can function properly are now approved in NC, even when a gravity flow drainage outlet can not be installed.

The NoMound® system is approved as a groundwater lowering site modification – and is used for this purpose in conjunction with a wide-spectrum of conventional and alternative onsite wastewater treatment technologies.

Each installation will be designed and certified by the responsible professionals (soil scientist, P.E. and others where appropriate). The non-NoMound elements of each installation will incorporate NCDENR currently-approved components arranged on the site based on current rules – as if there was no groundwater at all.

Click here to view the approval document CDWS 2010-03 (or locate it on the NCDENR website).

This patented system is only available through a network of engineers and installers trained by NoMound.

For information on the NoMound Onsite System and its availability in a specific location in North Carolina contact:

John Williams