NoMound in North Carolina

  • If your rental property could benefit from increased occupancy

The NoMound® system is approved as a groundwater lowering site modification – and is used for this purpose in conjunction with a wide-spectrum of conventional and alternative onsite wastewater treatment technologies.

For some rental properties, the size of the septic system is limited by shallow groundwater - and the number of bedrooms is limited by the size of the septic system.

More bedrooms = increased rental income.

If you want to increase the occupancy for your rental property - NoMound could be your solution. Contact us for a free evaluation.

This patented system is only available through a network of engineers and installers trained by NoMound.

For information on the NoMound Onsite System and its availability in a specific location in North Carolina contact:

Alan (“Chip”) Hassett, P.E.
NoMound Systems of NC, Inc.
313 Walnut Street
Wilmington, NC 28401

Telephone toll-free 1-888-4-NOMOUND (1-888-466-6686) or email

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